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Toxins are the leading contributor to cellular inflammation & disease.

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Meet Aimee Carlson

Aimee Carlson is a best-selling author, podcast host of The Toxin Terminator and certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist.  Aimee is helping people to restore and renew their health by removing hidden toxins from their homes and their lives.

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Meet Naomi Damask


Naomi Damask is a certified holistic health coach and entrepreneur in the epigenetics, bio-hacking and nutrigenomics field.  Her passion is to show women that being healthy is more than a diet and exercise and how a preventative lifestyle is the best "diet" out there!

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"Thanks to both you and Naomi for hosting the roadmap to wellness. I think it’s terrific that you are reaching and teaching the community an extremely important message about toxins and cellular health! I definitely learned a lot from the bootcamp and am so glad I signed up.”-B

Naomi & Aimee have reinforced all that I had learned about breast cancer prevention and reminded me to be gentle on ourselves. We don’t have to learn and implement everything right away, it’s a lot to learn.”— T

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The Vitality Accelerator

  • Remove Vitality Blockers
  • Boost Your Body's Natural Detox
  • Accelerate Fat Loss with Ease
  • Reverse Aging Naturally
  • Reduce Stress & Rejuvenate
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